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Since I have targeted myself to read all books, this blog will be about books I've read starting in 2012. Hope I can give the resume, suggestions and critics about those books as well. Enjoy :)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Building Social Business

Title : Building Social Business
Author : Muhammad Yunus
Publisher : Public Affairs NY
Pages : 206

Alhamdulillah, finaly I've finished read this book. This book also very inspiring and recommended for everyone who want to change the world especially to overcome the poverty in the world.

Muhammad Yunus is a Bangladeshi who win the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize due to found the Grameen Bank. Grameen Bank is one of examples of Social Businesses Yunus invented. Social Business is a business that doesn't generate profit or dividends for the investors. It is established for helping the poor by empowering them to do something rather than just giving them money so it will create sustainable economic.
Grameen Bank is a bank for the villagers. Since, Yunus live in the poorest country, he saw poverty around him and want to adrress it for a better world. He came with the new insight that allow the villager to get loan from the bank. The villager who are the poor people can get very soft loans with lowest interest to run their business or to buy decent house etc. Yunus wants to empower them to be creative in any way to create their own better living not only depends on someone's help which is not sustainable. This Grameen Bank is not a profit maker company. The profit they generate is for extending the business itself. Yunus tend to say the profit as a 'surplus'. The investors are not allowed to take the profit, at all. They only get their original investment in a very long time period. Yunus believe that in every human's heart, there is a willingness to be selfless, to help other people. So, he offered different revenue of doing this kind of business. It is called self satisfaction of doing kindness
There's two type of Social Business
Type I:  Rich people create a product aimed addressing humancrisis such as healthcare, hunger, malnutrition,sanitation etc at affordable price. For example Danone group produced yoghurt to increase nutrition for children at a price that can be reached by the poor without eliminate it's contains but the price still cover the cost production.
 Type II: The poor get loans to create a business so they can stand on their own foot. For examples: Grameen Bank

Well, there're so much way to adrress poverty in the world. But, there are not the same with this kind of business. Yunus explained it's different with any other organization that have the same aim. There're also examples of big companies that dedicate themself to do social business. More than that, there is so much information to do this business and to know where's the place to learn more about it. Hm...maybe one day I can go to Bangkok to study it deeper at the Yunus Center at AIT (Asian Institute and Technology) amin.  

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Land Of Five Towers by A. fuadi

   Title : The Land Of Five Towers
   Writer : A. Fuadi
    Publisher : Gramedia
    Pages : 383

The first word came from my mouth after reading this novel was "inspiring". I really like how the writer told the story. Mayb because it  was based on his true lifestory
Alif, really wanted to enroll public high school  but his mom insisted him to enter religius school. They had cold war for a while untill one day, there was a letter from Alif's uncle named Uncle Gindo. Uncle Gindo pursued Alif to enroll Madani Pesantren in East Java because most of his friends studied there and they got scholarship to abroad. Alif was interested, then he told to his mom if it had to be religius school so it would be Madani Pesantren (MP). Halfheartedly, his mom agreed eventhough she really wanted him to studied in west sumatra, their hometown.

In MP, alif met people from another town. He had 4 bestfriends, they are : Raja, Atang, Baso and Dulmajid. In the middle of their leisure time, five of them liked to hang out together under the tower inside MP which covered by bushes so that another students can't disturb them. It's like a secret place. At that secret place, they studied together and shared dreams. While lay down on earth under tower, They had different visual imagination of sky. Alif saw the cloud shaped like North American Continent and he really wanted to go there. Raja sured that the same cloud shaped like Europe while Atang believe that the cloud shaped like The Continent of Africa. Baso rather saw it like Asian context while Said and Dulmajid who really Nasionalistic said that it shaped like a united Indonesia Country. Surprisingly, what they've imagined that time, became reality. In the future, it will be the place where they belong.

MP is an Islamic religius school located in East Java, Indonesia. It is a boarding school and only boy who can entered it. It has so many rules must be obeyed, if not, there would be punishment. The worse punishment is drop out. It also has tight schedules. Students can not being lazy because they will always have schedules to do something worth excluding study at class. So many lessons I've learned from this story. Well, I'd like to share what lessons I've got from it.

page 49, it's about give something a full trial. What is full trial? for example: If you don't feel comfortable at MP after a month, try three months, and try one year. If you don't feel at home after one year, try three or for years. If you reach six years and have graduated you may come home to contribute to society.
It related to Arabic words: Man Jadda Wajada meaning He who gives his all will surely succeed.

 page 73, taught us about truth. there is a role called jasus spying friends (students) did wrongdoing. It meant to disciplnized students of being discipline and afraid of doing wrong (break the rules). It makes students feels being spied anywhere and antime. Say the truth even it's bitter. It's like self-correction to create a deterrent effect. If in reality we all doing this, I bet there will be NO corruption in this country.

page 100, another Arabic  words : Man Shabara Zhafira. He who is patient will be fortunate. Don't worry about today's suffering, maybe thre will be a great happines in the future. all we have to do is being patient and enjoy the life. The most important thing in preparing ur success is going the extra mile. If other study only an hour then we must study two hours. And, never let yurself being influenced by element outside of yourself.

Page 127, motivates me much more. " Set your strong intention, work hard and pray slowly but surely, what you strive for will come to be. This is God's Law". Subhanallah....

page 148, must be remembered by anyone. " Don't hope the world will change but we have to be the change. Allah will not change people's fate untill the people themselves make the change. If you want something and want to be something dont' just dream and pray but make it, change it and do it here now!"

page 163, taught us about looking for chances. If we never try, we will never know then. Just give it a try, knocked the door there will a big possibility that someone may answer.

page 178, this is what makes me sooo enthusiasm. taught me about the importance of seeking knowledge. Because knowledge is nur (light) so our hearts and minds must be clean that the knowledge will be absorbed easily, study sincerely. as sincere as sincere could be. sincerely trusting decisions made by Him so there is no stress in life.

page 249, inspires me to keep reading dictionary. Alif ever read a book about Malcolm X. Malcolm X gaot prison but in prison he had many thoughts to write. Unfortunately, he couldn't write properly so he read dictionary page bay page. Finally he could write stron, deep and satisfying.

This book much more taught me about the essence of life which is the combination between sincere intention, hardwork, prayer and surrender to God.

I almost have no critics for this book. This is a recommended book. But, I think the title a lil bit confusing me. What makes it become a title, I think it's not quite relevant. When I saw the title for the first time, I imagined about the places which has towers...